Women and ISIS: Katherine Brown opens up the conversation

Dr Katherine Brown, Lecturer in Islamic Studies, has been discussing the topic of the recruitment of women by ISIS in a series of panels, talks, and lectures in the last month. Katherine’s work focuses on gender and jihadi ideologies, and the impact of counter-terrorism efforts on religious women’s rights and Muslim communities.

Katherine Brown photo by Jin Lee

Katherine E. Brown, an associate professor of Islamic studies at Birmingham University speaks at the 9/11 Memorial Museum with Cliff Chanin. Photo by Jin Lee.

The issues Katherine has discussed include how ISIS present an ideology that appeals to women who feel isolated in their communities, whether ‘religion or romance’ lies at the heart of women’s decisions to leave their European homes for Syria, and how teaching women debating skills would combat ISIS’s recruitment by encouraging women to question ideas and giving them the confidence to challenge what they are told.

You can find out more about Katherine’s appearances at the links below:


You can find out more about Katherine’s work here.

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